More Suede DIY

Lately, I’ve seen a lot of necklaces that looks like it wraps around the neck and I really want to try making one myself.

I’m not sure what material those necklaces are made of but I decided to use suede since I already have this with me.




  • 7mm Spring Ring Clasps
  • Brown Suede cord
  • Scissors



I first started with a long piece of suede cord, which I wrapped around my neck to see how long I preferred. I placed it in a “M” shape, where the loop between the two points is size of my neck. Then, I tied and made two loops at the two points.



After I have two loops, I attached the ring and clasps onto the two points of the “M”. Now I could tie the loose pieces whichever way I like.

Have you seen any of these necklaces around lately?

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