Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!

This week there’s only 4 things that made it to my favorites.



Nature Republic – Blossom Make Up Base

One of the items is this make up base. I really liked a make up base from Innisfree but it was discontinued. Though not exactly alike, this one is the most similar I could find at the moment. I really like purple make up bases because it helps brighten the face and the base usually helps with applying other products on my dry skin.



Polette Eye Glasses

As a part of a giveaway from Clothes To You, I received this pair of glasses. I always wanted a larger glasses frame so this was great opportunity to give it a try. I chose a black round frame and it’s pretty light for such a large frame.



Ipsy Glam Bag

I always like the Ipsy glam bags and this month’s is no exception. This one in particular, I like the color



Innisfree Ampoule Cushion – Refill 

Yup! It’s Innisfree again. I have a lot of cushions but this one in particular is my favorite and the first that I needed to refill. I actually bought the refill when I was in Korea a few months back. But I ended up bringing back a lot of other cushions to try. After circling through the others, I’ve come back to Innisfree.

Do you have any absolute favorites this week?

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