Lace Choker DIY

On a recent trip to the mall, I saw some lace chokers and thought maybe I could just make one myself.

Instead of buying another accessory, I really wanted to try making one myself. It won’t be exactly the same as the store bought ones but I think it’s good enough for an accessory that I won’t be wearing very often.



Materials I used:

  • Lace
  • Suede Cords
  • Clamps
  • Necklace clasp

I started by choosing a piece of lace that was small enough for the neck area. I found this among my mom’s pile of fabrics.



Then I attached the clamps, which I bought at Michael’s crafts store a while ago for another DIY, onto the ends of the lace. Since I didn’t have any necklace chains, I decided to use suede cords. I tied them onto the clamps and then made a loop at the end. I find that making a loop like this makes it easier to adjust the necklace when I need to.

Once I had the suede cords on both sides, I attached the clasp and the choker was completed.

Now it’s ready to wear but how do you think I should style it?

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