Spring decorating – DIY

I’m trying to refresh and redecorate my bedroom…


Redecorating always start with the bed. I’ve been using the same few sets of bedsheets since I was young; lately I bought some new sheets to refresh the look of my room. I’m not really a person that likes to make my bed so I don’t have useful tips in that department. But I found a pretty useful video from Crane & Canopy, a company that specializes in luxury bedding, that teaches how to make your bed.

Having to live in the room I’ve grown up in, there’s a lot “stuff” that’s hoarding up space as well. I really want to make my room more minimalistic so it’s a rather long process. I’m going to start with clearing up my desk and adding a new decorative: in particular, a new vase/pencil holder.


Materials I used:

  • Wool Yarn
  • Copper Acrylic Paint
  • Paint brush
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Wire
  • An old cup

I had some really old and childish cups that I decided to use for this little project. Then, I measured the height of those cups and cut out a strip of paper in that size. To match my new sheets, I cut out triangles in them and began to paint it with acrylic paint. (You could choose to paint onto the cup directly but I didn’t trust my painting skills lol).



I’ve been really liking the copper or metallic look so I used a copper paint rather than a typical spring color. Once it dried, I taped it onto the cup.



I didn’t have any flowers at my house and I didn’t want to buy any. So using wool, I decided to make dandelions. I wrapped the wool around my fingers a couple times before tying it in the middle and then cutting the loops. With the wire, I stuck it into the wool to make the stem.

I’ve really intended for it to be a vase but I find this fitting as a pencil holder too. This is a very small step towards redecorating my bedroom but I feel this corner of the room looks pretty refreshing already.

How do you like to redecorate your room for the spring?

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20 thoughts on “Spring decorating – DIY

  1. Hahaha I used to never make my bed, but during the time I was unemployed, I made it a point to make my bed everyday 🙂 It really helps make me be more productive throughout the day for some reason LOL! Hehehe oohhh those the dandelions are so creative and pretty ❤ 😀

    XO, Elizabeth


    • Interesting comment, Elizabeth.

      “But during the time I was unemployed, I made it a point to make my bed everyday.”

      Maybe during the time you were unemployed you wanted to start your day off with looking forward to doing something and keeping yourself disciplined so you wouldn’t let yourself go and sink into some state of despair ?


  2. Oh my room is so full with stuff, so creating some space would be a great idea for me too 😛 Maybe I start making my bed first hehe. Anyway the pencil holder/vase with those cute flowers turned out great!

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