Friday Favorites

It’s finally Friday again!

This past week, I did quite a bit of shopping online and had received some of the products back.

Nume Magic Wand 32mm

I’ve always wanted a curling wand and Nume is a one of the brands that gained popularity from their clipless curling wands (check it out here for a $30 welcome offer). When I saw that there was a code on Instagram for $29 for the curling wand, I decided to jump at the opportunity (original cost is around $79 – $89 USD, and $69-79 at Target). I chose the Magic wand at 32 mm, which is the largest barrel size they have. The magic wand line are the wands that are made of 100% titanium, which means it’s super hot and had burned me a couple times when I first used it (I really should’ve worn the glove it came with). To meet free shipping, I also added the thermal pouch which was around $4 at checkout, and I’m so glad I did; the wand is extreme hot.



Nume Hair Chalk Set

I also bought the hair chalk set when I purchased the curling wand (I needed items to meet free shipping lol). The set came in 6 colors and I tried the pink one over the weekend. It’s a very subtle color once it’s on the hair. It doesn’t seem as noticeable on the picture but in person, it’s much more pink. The idea of hair chalk is very fun and it washes off after one use. But the cons is that it’s very messy and for my hair lenth, it’s almost finished after one use. My whole bathroom sink and the floors around the sink were pink after I used this and it also got onto my clothing and fortunately it comes off once you wash it. I purchased it for around $19 the whole set, though it’s usually $30. It’s fun but also pretty expensive for the amount I received.



LILIANA – Mila Flat

I’ve been wanting a pair of lace up flats for the longest time. So when I saw these on the Nordstrom Rack website for around $16, I immediately bought it. It’s out of stock now but there’s other lace up flats that’s around this price (which you could check them out here).



France Luxe Headband

While shopping at Nordstrom, I bought this headband on impulse. It’s actually the most comfortable headband that I own. Usually after I wear headbands for 1-2 hours, it starts to hurt my head but this one didn’t. The simplicity and the color was what tempted the purchase but it was surprisingly comfortable so it’s a plus.

Have you been tempted to go shopping lately as well?

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