Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!

I’m back again with some of my favorites this week. There’s not a lot this week but here are some.

fri2_vickytI’m trying out how to make polymer clay roses and have been pretty obsessed with making them. They also make pretty great props for taking photos. Once I perfect it, I’ll probably have a DIY post on them; hope you look forward to it!



My other favorite this week is a set of ribbon hair ties from Sephora. I find that ribbon hair ties hurt less in comparison to regular black hair ties. This set was actually on sale at Sephora when I bought it and they come in a lot of colors. As a girly girl, I bought pink of course.

At Michael’s craft store a while back, I purchased this pink floral box on impulse and haven’t really used it until now. I ended up putting all the little objects such as bobby pins and my camera remote controls in it. Other than having a very cute and feminine exterior, it’s actually a really convenient box with a magnetic closure and cost about $3.


My mom purchased this sweater from JcPenney recently and since I’ve always had a thing for lacey clothing, it was only natural it made it to my favorites. I love the little details in the sweater and how it’s a not too thick, not too thin sweater; it’s pretty perfect for the always changing California weather.

What do you think of my favorite items this week?

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