A Day at the Beach

For Valentine’s Day last week, I decided to spend it at the beach…


We ended up at Newport beach after getting some ramen for lunch. If you follow me on instagram, you would’ve probably already saw this photo (I didn’t take a lot of pictures of the food that day, so there’s only one). We went to Kitakata Ramen Ban Nai in the neighboring city, Costa Mesa expecting a short line since it was Valentine’s day. I was so wrong and the line was very long but the ramen is worth it.




I wasn’t prepared to go to the beach at all that day and ended up wearing sneakers to walk around the sand. But the sneakers matched with the seagulls that I saw there lol



I haven’t been back to this beach since I graduated from the nearby University 2  years ago. So unlike many other beach visitors, we were only there to walk around, and enjoy the view (well, to take photos too!).



I also love the beach homes that’s right along the beach. The houses there actually face the beach and a part of the house somewhat sits on the sand. They’re all very cute and have unique designs unlike other residential areas. Though I probably won’t be able to afford one, I still like walking around and admiring the architecture.


After the beach, we ended the day with getting dinner and milk tea at Class 302. We used to frequent this little shop when I was in college and thought it was the best place to end the day.

There’s nothing better than the beach and milk tea for Valentine’s day LOL

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