DIY Miniature Pie

Hello! This is not a tutorial as I’ve just recently got into making polymer clay miniature food but I wanted to share some tutorials I’ve seen. The first thing I’ve tried was making a pie.




I watched several tutorials on youtube and followed them throughly to make the mini pie. I’ve bought all my materials from Joann Fabric and Craft Store and mainly bought the Sculpey clay that’s mentioned in the first attached video.



The outcome was actually surprisingly realistic looking and I’m very satisfied. I also bought mini forks and spoons at Joann. I didn’t have a table for this picture so I used several camera lens caps and the fabric used to clean my glasses. Now my little Brown doll could enjoy food too!

I’m pretty excited to start making other miniature foods. What should I try next?


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24 thoughts on “DIY Miniature Pie

  1. I love this! It even looks edible haha I would totally eat that pie if it wasn’t made of clay :p Excited to see your other creations, maybe a mini pizza next? 🙂

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