December 2015 Favorites

This is a bit long overdue but I have some favorites from December 2015 that I wanted to share.


If you’ve read my previous post about my haul in Korea, I bought a popular coloring book, “Secret Garden”, which was featured in the Korean drama, The Producers. Unlike coloring books from my childhood, this is a book meant for adults and the artwork are more detailed. I found it strangely addicting and relaxing to be coloring in flowers.



On to cosmetics, my favorites in December are definitely the Origins Drink-up Intensive Overnight Mask, Banila Co. Radiant CC Cushion, and the Beaute Basics – Sahara Gold Chubby Eyeshadow Pencil. I think I’ve talked about the overnight mask enough (in this post here) but it’ll most likely be my favorite mask the whole winter season.

The CC cushion is also one of products I brought back from my trip to Korea and I’ve been using it almost everyday. It has a very natural and dewy finish. It doesn’t cover as well but for an everyday purpose, it works well. Though I have pretty dry skin, the cushion doesn’t cause it to look “cakey” which is why I love it this month. This cushion is supposed to be a CC, which is color correction, but I don’t really notice any difference. Other than that confusion, I’ve been reaching for this cushion very often.

From my November 2015 Ipsy bag, I received this eyeshadow pencil. It has a gold-like color but it looks very natural for the under eye. I really to highlight the under eye area and I tend to use a whiter eyeshadow pencil from Innisfree before. I find that this one has a more natural color that’s better for everyday uses.

I’m someone that really likes hats and this past month, my favorite are the berets that I bought at Forever 21. I bought them a long while ago but wasn’t able to wear them since it wasn’t cold enough. After I tried the grey one, I went back and bought the pink one as well. I love wearing them when I don’t want to do my hair haha.

What are your favorite items this past month?

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20 thoughts on “December 2015 Favorites

  1. I’ve been wanting the ‘The Enchanted Forest’ coloring book by the same author for sooo long now but it’s always sold out at my Chapters D: Maybe I’ll get the Secret Garden instead 😀 thanks for sharing!

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