My Winter Clarisonic Brush

This winter I changed to a different Clarisonic brush head…



I’ve been using the acne brush head for quite a long while but as the winter approached, my face became even drier than before. I found that when I used the acne brush, which is supposed to feature “extra-plush bristle gradation to provide an ultra-gentle cleanse for acne-prone skin”, was becoming too rough for the flaking skin on my face. After some reading some reviews, I found that the radiance brush head is supposed to be gentler than the acne brush so I made the switch.



On the Sephora website where I bought the brush head, it states: “The radiance brush head gently and effectively cleans and addresses dark spots and uneven skintone for a more radiant and youthful complexion”. Though I haven’t noticed any changes to the radiance of my skin, the bristles on the brush is much softer in comparison to the acne one; just from the pictures, the radiance brush head has some “fly aways” due to the softness of the bristles versus the more stiff and straight bristles of the acne brush head. I’m able to use this brush head a lot more often, not worry about being too rough on my skin, and still feel clean.

Maybe it’s an addiction of some form or a placebo effect but I don’t feel like my hands alone can do a good job at cleaning my face so it’s great to find a different brush head that will work for me this season.

What’s your favorite Clarisonic brush head or other cleansing brush?


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