Mischievous Kitty Sock Plush DIY

Happy New Year! To celebrate the new year, I made another plushie haha…




Just like the bear sock plushie I made before, I bought some socks and made a round circle for the head and body (see the  previous post here). I purchased these socks from Daiso for only $1.50 which is a really good deal. The difference with this plushie and the previous one is that the ears will be triangular and not circular. I didn’t stuff these ears and just sewed it on.



Once I had the head, I cut out “U” shapes from a black sock and sewed it on as eyes. I wanted the cat to have a little more attitude and opted for non-circular eyes. The mouth was simply sewed on using embroidery thread. After the face was done, I could sew the head onto the body.



Using the left over toe area of the sock, I sewed it together using a back stitch, flipped it back out, and created a tail.

I thought he needed a little accessory so I made him a hat for the winter. From a leftover sock (used in this post), I cut out the top part of the sock in a rectangle and sewed closed the ends using a running stitch. Once I pull the threads tight together, the hat was completed.


My mischievous kitty was now completed; now what should I name him???

I’m hoping to have a happy, playful year full of DIYs and adventures. Have a wonderful 2016!

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18 thoughts on “Mischievous Kitty Sock Plush DIY

  1. Sock plushies O_O they look cute and ive never seen detailed sock plushies before! Now I want to try and make the usual bats & spiders (well, the ones that i usually sew when sewing plushies) from socks *lol*

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