Tsum Tsum Inspired Bunny DIY

I’m back to making sock plushies. This time I’m inspired by the Disney Tsum Tsum.

If you haven’t heard about Tsum Tsum, they’re a really popular plush toy that come in various Disney characters as shown in the example below.

Disney Tsum Tsum Collection (the picture is not mine)


I actually have an Eeyore from this collection but I’ll attempt to make a similar plush out of socks.

Similar to my other sock DIYs, I’m going to start with a fluffy sock and a giant ball of polyester fiber. I would then stuff it into the sock, cut off the excess, and sew it closed to create a giant ball. With the remaining sock, I flipped it inside out and drew on 2 “bunny” ear shapes.

After I sewed around the ears and cut it out, I could flip it back to the outside of the sock and sew it on top of the ball I made earlier. I also made another smaller sphere from the left over sock for the tail, which could be sewed onto the back of the giant sphere.



Now all that’s left is to sew in the eyes and nose/mouth. I used beads for the eyes but it’s really a preference if you would like to create the eyes using just thread. My socks conveniently has polka dots which I use as the eye sock for the bunny. The nose/mouth is always a little difficult for me so I just sewed in a simple “x” using black thread. I also contemplated if I should I give him arms/legs but it seemed a lot cuter without it.

My Tsum Tsum inspired bunny is now complete.

Hope you have a great New Year!

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