Simple Xmas Cards DIY

With Christmas approaching very soon, I had to make some last minute DIYs…

I have a habit of making greeting cards when I give gifts and since I don’t have time, it has to quick and simple. Here are some card decorating ideas:



I started with some white paper, markers, crafts tape, scissors, ribbon, and white pom poms. After I cut the paper into fours, I folded them in half for 4 cards. I taped a piece of triangle onto the first card and continued with trapezoid shapes to make a tree. Then decorate as needed. I find that the more minimalistic it is, the more store bought it looks.



Onto the second card, I taped two pieces of ribbon to the sides and twisted to create a bow effect. Tape down the ends and I’m done.

For the next two cards, I wrote a message in the middle of the card and decorated with pom poms. I didn’t have glitter so I cut pieces of the ribbon and glued them onto the card.


Now that I have the cards, I just need to write in a simple message to include with the gift.

Have a Happy Holiday!

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