Daiso Mini Sock Bear DIY

Happy Monday! So this weekend, I went to Daiso and bought quite a few items for this DIY project. Daiso has pretty much everything I needed for only $1.50 each.


In a previous post, I used an entire sock to make a bear and I really wanted to try making a smaller version. So I cut the sock in half vertically and sewed along the line which I cut. Then, I proceeded to make the bear in the same way in which the small bump from the heel is used for the body of the bear. Instead of beads and felt, I used embroidery thread that I also bought at Daiso for the eyes and nose; the nozzle was made from a strip of the cream colored stripe from the sock and was sewed on before I did the eyes and nose. The only thing I didn’t buy from Daiso was this beige ribbon which I had bought a long time ago from Michael’s.



The lace, which I also found at Daiso, has adhesive on the back. I cut off a small piece that would fit around the bear and simply stuck it on her as a skirt. My mini sock bear is now complete (though the eyes are a little uneven, it’s still cute!).

I think this bear would make a great Christmas gift and the supplies were super cheap in comparison to Michael’s or other craft stores. I just need to figure out who to give it to hahah.

Will you be making any DIY Christmas gifts?

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