Wire Ring DIY

Happy Friday 🙂 This week I’m got into making wire rings. I made knuckle rings earlier this week and thought why not try a more normal ring.

I’m actually not someone that wears rings frequently but I just like buying them or trying them on at the mall haha. So, why not make some?



Similar to the other DIY ring I used:

  • 20 gauge wire
  • Pliers
  • Tube shaped container (I used a eyebrow gel)

I started with a short piece of 20 gauge wires and formed a loop. Then formed another loop to make an infinity symbol.



I kept forming loops until I had no more wires left. Once I had many loops, I stretched them out and formed loops at the ends of the wires so it won’t scratch my skin. I wrapped the wire around the eyebrow gel container to form a circular shape.

Once I shaped it to fit my finger, I was done with another ring.

Do you like wearing rings?

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