Korea Haul

I still have a bit of photos to edit from my trip in Korea so this will be a short little post about the shopping haha. I bought mainly cosmetics and souvenir items and I wanted to share my little haul.



I bought quite a lot of cosmetics on this trip but not a lot of clothes (the ones I did buy though is in the laundry haha). These particular ones are from Nature Republic and there was a really great deal that day; it was a buy 10 sheets get 10 sheets free. I ended up giving these out as souvenirs. While I was in Korea, I needed a mascara and ended up with one at Holika Holika, which I might review in later posts. Of course, I also went to Etude House, which seems to be on every other street, and I bought another color of my favorite lip tint and a cushion for one of my younger cousins. The great thing about Korea is that most of these shops are all on one street (like Myeongdong for example); it’s really a beauty junkie’s heaven.



At these other shops, I bought quite a lot. Since I was in Korea, I just had to buy the IOPE cushion and ended up with 4 total (3 were souvenirs LOL, I’m not that crazy… yet). I don’t know if anyone noticed but Innisfree is my all time favorite Korean cosmetic brand so I had to stock up on cleanser, eye liner, cushion refills, powder, etc. As a gift from my BF’s relative, I got another cushion at Banila Co. which seems to really endorse the CC line; she also gave me the color control base and makeup remover.



In addition to cosmetics, I bought this coloring book that’s pretty popular; I believe the book was featured in a drama that IU starred in but I never watched it. At the Dongdaemun Design Plaza, I bought this 3d like puzzle of a tower that I didn’t get a visit; the puzzle was actually quite fun to build so I kind of wish I bought a few more. I also bought this notebook as a souvenir; it was actually one of the few things I bought in Hong Kong that wasn’t edible.



I was like a child in Korea haha. I had to get these Gudetama toys at the coin machines. I also got 6 to 7 Line character hand warmers (only 3 pictured). The socks there were super unique so I had to buy a few as souvenirs but I’m not too sure who would wear the Psy one haha. In tourist areas, I found some traditional looking items such as bears dressed in hanboks, bookmarks, more socks, and cookies (which I bought at the Duty Free Shop).

Though I didn’t purchase that many, I’m still very excited to try out all my new cosmetics. Lots of reviews to come!

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17 thoughts on “Korea Haul

  1. Haha, yes that drawing book was in 製作人 where Kim Soo Hyun and IU starred, she would always start drawing when she needs a peace of mind.
    Buy 10 Get 10 in Nature Republic, WOW, i’ve not used their product yet…i am a mask-person can’t wait to read your review how these masks go, also Banila Co cleanser cream…Banila Co is launching soon in Taiwan within a few weeks…and I heard the product is such a hit!
    Can’t wait to read all these reviews! 🙂

    x Tiff

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