The Namsan Tower

Hello, I have a lot of pictures to share from my recent visit. One of the places I absolutely had to visit when I was in Korea was the Namsan Tower/Seoul Tower. After watching one too many Korean dramas, this was a place I made a priority to visit.

namsan1_vickyt// ended up at the tower at night and it lights up in a green color. There wasn’t as many visitors as I expected since it was night time. The view of from that height was really beautiful but it was a bit dark and it would’ve been better during the day.


On the lower level, there was a lot of wired “trees” that were actually filled with locks. The Namsan tower is a famous couple spot to hang locks to symbolize an everlasting love. It’s a bit cliche and cheesy but I just had to do it at least once. After I bought a lock (which included a marker for writing in your names) at the gift shop, I went up to the roof terrace area to find a place to lock it. I’m not sure if I mentioned this in other posts but I visited Korea with my boyfriend so I’m not just locking this lock by myself, which would be funny and awkward.


namsan3_vickyt// terrace area had a very good view of Seoul so I didn’t find it necessary to go up to the observatory deck. There were also a few mailboxes for throwing away your keys so you won’t be able to ever take the locks down. namsan4_vickyt//

The heart was a very commonly seen symbol at the tower area. There was a heart sculpture on display there, and a photo area with heart arches that’s decorated with lights (I didn’t get a good picture of these since there was a waiting line).


And one last picture of the Namsan Tower before I left this Korean drama scene haha.

Have you ever wanted to visit a place featured in a drama?

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18 thoughts on “The Namsan Tower

  1. Love your post, the pictures are very pretty…
    Haha I went to Namsan with my boyfriend as well, but we didn’t put any lock, we felt that was a bit too cheesy for us (we’re naturally already super cheesy so we didn’t want to make it worse)
    Thee are loads of drama places that I want to visit… Did you visit any other drama filming locations?

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