DIY Scrap Paper Bookmark

I have so many small extra pieces of paper and ribbon from other DIY but I don’t know what to do with them. Throwing them out seems like a waste so I’m trying to find different ways to use them up. I made bookmarks with these leftover scraps.




I first start off with a long rectangular strip of card stock paper. Then, I punched in a shape using a paper punch/shape cutter (which I used in this post) towards one end of the strip and a hole on the other end. After placing a small piece of ribbon through the hole, the book mark is complete. Alternatively I could use this as a name/address label for my luggage as well.

What do you usually do with your leftover materials?

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30 thoughts on “DIY Scrap Paper Bookmark

  1. Super pretty & so easy! I would definitely be using such a cute bookmark more often. I have a few lovely ones from NYC and Gorjuss but always forget to stick them inside the book. Got an awful habit of folding the corners. Must make this one!! 🙂
    BTW, have you heart about Halloween bookmark DIYs? Whenever I was teaching, I did a lot of crafts with my students (of different ages), we esp enjoyed Halloween ones 🙂
    xox Nadia

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  2. I’ve definitely got some ideas to make some cute cards for friends/bookmarks using this idea! I’ve got so many of those shape cutters leftover from childhood I can’t image why I never thought of this sooner. Could play around with fabrics and not just paper too!


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