Target and Daiso Haul

I went to Target and Daiso Japan this past week for some things I needed and thought I would share some of my findings.

At Target:


I was out of a lip balm and decided to try this EOS Lip balm that also has SPF 15. I’m a type of person that doesn’t like artificial cherry or grape flavors that reminds me of cough medicine, so I opted for Lemon Drop. The smell reminds me of lemonade which I quite like.


Of course when I got home, my mom bought this Noevir Lip Conditioner for me. This was not bought at Target but rather a local cosmetic shop. I’m not too familiar with this brand but it seems to be a Japanese brand. I’ve used this quite often before and it’s a type of lip balm that has no taste or smell at all


I’ve seen the Eylure Naturals Multipack of lashes for quite some time and finally decided to give it a try. I tried them on today actually and it really does look very natural. Some of the individual lashes appear to be a browner color rather than black and it works very well to achieve a more natural look.


I also needed new mascara and had bought the Maybelline Lash Discovery. The one thing I like about the mascara is it’s very small brush so I could coat all the little lashes that I have. I bought the waterproof one this time since a few years ago I bought the non waterproof one and it didn’t work so well.

batch_IMG_0368 batch_IMG_0370

I’ll be leaving for a trip abroad starting next weekend and had to stock up on some travel essentials that I don’t have. I was going to pick up some bandaids and Neosporin since I’m very accident prone but I saw this little kit on sale for around $5. This has almost everything I’ll need for scratches or clumsy mishaps. Although the kit does seem a bit childish, it will still come in handy.

At Daiso Japan: 


For those that are unfamiliar with Daiso Japan, it’s a Japanese 100 yen store that has expanded into the US. It’s $1.50 for almost everything in the store and it conveniently has a lot of travel items. I went there mainly to buy cosmetic containers/bottles, and a toothbrush case. I’ll probably be returning this coming week for any miscellaneous items I might be missing for my trip.

Of course as I start to pack this week, I’ll probably find some things I’m missing and would need to go shopping again. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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21 thoughts on “Target and Daiso Haul

  1. Hey Vicky! Omg those disney band-aids are beyond cute… makes me want to just put some on without even being hurt haha. Ooh I bought some other eyelashes recently and exactly my problem they didn’t look so natural! Will definitely try your recommendations out next time. Keep up the posts!

    Stephanie @ Sartorial Diner

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