DIY: Bucket Like Bag

So I’ve really been into using felt to making things. One of the things I thought I could make is a all purpose bag; since I’ll be traveling soon, it’ll be handy to keep things all in one place in my luggage. I saw a lot of bucket bag like purses for the past seasons and was inspired to create a somewhat similar one


I first started with a 14 x 36 inch piece of cream colored felt. Then folded it in half and sewed 1/2 inch along the sides.


After I have a “pocket” I folded down the corners and created a triangle. I sewed the triangle and then cut 6 one inch lines towards the top. It could then be flipped inside out to become a bag.


I also took a long strip of navy colored felt, folded and sewed it down. This long piece would then be looped into the top of the bag. Place all my stuff into the bag, tie a bow, and it’s done.

Hope you liked this simple DIY. Happy Monday!

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