New Macbook Sleeve DIY for the Fall

It’s officially the fall and just like clothes, accessories need to be updated too. I made a macbook  sleeve using felt not long ago but I saw some really cute sleeves lately online. It looks simple enough so I created my own version using felt.


I started with a long piece of navy colored felt (34 inch x 10.5 inch) and machine sewed the 10.5 inch sides with a 1/2 inch seam allowance. I proceed to measure it directly on the macbook and fold it down. Then, I sewed down the sides to create giant pockets which measures around 13 inches in length.


My macbook sleeve is starting to take shape and there should be a flap on the top. I sewed that flap down to create a somewhat inner pocket.


To create the bow that I’ve seen on a lot of other sleeves, I cut a (3.5 x 23 inch) and a (3.5 x 1 inch) beige felt strip. Since it is felt and there is no elasticity, it has to be a bit bigger to wrap around the sleeve. Then, I sewed the two ends together to create a loop and on the other side I wrapped and hand sewed the smaller strip in the middle to create a bow. The bow could then be looped into the sleeve and I would hand sew the edges on the back of the sleeve to keep it in place.


Now the sleeve is done and ready to be used! I hope this will keep my macbook a little safer; I’m a super clumsy person LOL



Can’t wait to go shopping for some other fall accessories! I really want a new pair of ankle boots. What’s on your wish list for the fall?

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