Prada Spring 2016 Inspired Earrings

This morning I saw these photos from Prada’s Instagram for the Spring 2016 Ready to Wear. What caught my attention are the earrings that featured exaggerated spheres and somewhat resemble disco balls. I ended up staying home all day due to the heat so I was inspired to make my own little ones.


I don’t have any plastic or harder material for these earrings so I just used leftover cardstock paper. I ended up cutting 12 circles (6 for one earring) and folded them all in half. I taped 5 of them together with a green-white-green pattern. Then, I hooked the earring post to a small set of chains, taped them into the middle of the sphere, and taped the last folded circle into the sphere. This simple paper sphere earring pays heavy tributes to the Prada collection




I’m no fashion expert so I don’t have much to say about this Spring collection. But I particularly like these two dresses though; they have very simple cuts but feature so much details. There were very simple stripes paired with intricate patterns especially toward the neckline. This collection was just very interesting to look through haha especially all the unique accessories and gold lips!

Source for the above 3 pictures:

What did you think of the Prada Spring 2016 collection?

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