DIY Teardrop Wire Earrings

This weekend I had a short trip to San Diego so I didn’t have enough time to post anything. I spent the day there kayaking, then hiking to see the sunset, and of course lots of great food. I was very sore and didn’t get to do much DIY but here’s a short simple DIY that you could do even when you’re sore haha.


I started with a piece of wire that already had a loop at the top, which I found in some earring making kits. Then I created a shape on my wig jig kit.


I then bent the wire at the top where the loop is and proceeded to wrap it around the shape I created on the wig jig kit.


Before I closed in the end, I placed a little bead inside and cut off the excess wire. I just need to hoop in the earring hook and I’m done with one earring. Repeat for a complete pair.

Hope you liked this simple and short DIY. More DIY projects to come once I’m not so sore haha

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