Selfie Editing

There is a free selfie camera app (available on iOS and Android) that I really enjoy using. I’ve been using it for a few years now and it’s only getting better.

Beauty Cam was initially a Chinese app that was recently updated into English. It has very simple features that auto “corrects” minor flaws such as smoothing out your face.


I took a few screenshots of how the app works. Once you enter the app from your home screen, it features a few icons. The top left selfie icon, which I marked, is the one I use the most often. That icon is the camera feature and once you take the picture it would automatically “beautify” the picture. It gives you a setting of 1-7 to correct the photo (1 being the littlest correction) and I typically leave it between 1 to 4 because anything after that looks really unnatural.


It saves a copy of the photo that’s unedited as well, as shown.



The top of the screen gives you various options and the one on the left lets you take better selfies in a darker setting. At the bottom, it gives you various filters to use while you’re taking the photo.


The app also has other features such as beautifying and video selfie, which I’ve never tried using. If you go back to the home screen, “Beautify” is on the top right (the bottom right are ads). This feature is pretty unique as it lets you edit your features such as enlarging your eyes or getting rid of dark circles. There’s also a taller option that stretches your photo (mostly for full body pictures) so you look taller. I personally don’t use this feature of the app a lot except to get rid of dark circles because the editing does look a little more unnatural.

Overall, this is a great free app that let’s you take perfect selfies but it does drain my phone battery a bit.

Have fun selfie-ing!

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