DIY: Mini Birthday Card

I have a habit of making little cards whenever I give a gift. They are usually super simple and super quick. Inspired by gift bag tags, I made this one last minute for a birthday gift.


I started with a small strip of leftover card stock paper (about 6 x 2 1/4 inch) and a paper punch/ shape cutter that I bought at Daiso for $1.50. After I folded the paper in half, I punched in the shape (Note: this is not a very good paper punch; it was super difficult to get it to cut into the paper but the shape looks pretty good. You get what you pay for~)


With a sharpie, I wrote in and decorated the front slightly before punching in a hole at the top. The hole is intended to tie a ribbon on so it could be attached to whatever item I’m gifting. I like to tie it directly on the gift, almost like a clothing tag, since the card is so small.

I’m now ready to write in my message and gift away.

Can’t wait for the holiday season to start gift shopping!

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