DIY Pinwheel Earrings

So I’m back to making earrings again. I was inspired by pinwheels this time…


I started with 2 small 1inch squares that I cut from leftover fabric. Then, I cut a line right into the four corners and bended one of the halves of the corners down. I sewed them down towards the middle so it would resemble a pinwheel. Once I was done, I glued a flat back bead in the middle. (Sorry for the terrible image quality, I did this at night and the lighting is not very great) 


While it dried, I got 2 pieces of chain at the length that I want the earring and attached it to the earring post. Once the front dried, I sewed the chains to the back of the fabric “pinwheel” and the earring was completed.

I wanted to make it spin like a real pinwheel but I haven’t figured out a way to do that yet. Anyways, Happy Friday! I have to work tomorrow though but I’m still very excited for the weekend. I’m expecting a package to be delivered by tomorrow morning; I’m such a shopaholic haha

Are you looking forward to the weekend too?

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