SNSD Tiffany’s Party Inspired Necklace DIY

Recently I watched one of SNSD’s (Girls’ Generation) comebacks from earlier this year—Party. I really love SNSD’s style and the way they accessorize. So, a necklace that Tiffany was wearing during one of the live performances particularly caught my attention. Check out the performance below:

I wasn’t 100% sure if this was a necklace or if it was part of her shirt but it featured a set of strings that wrapped around her neck and ended with a bow in the front. It looked very simple so I tried to recreate this look.


I started with 3 pieces of suede cords: 2 pieces that will fit snugly around the neck and 1 much longer piece that’s almost double in length. I didn’t have a black cord so I used a dark gray.

I taped down the ends of the 3 cords to the table so I could space them out evenly. Then, I clamped on the ribbon clamps on each end and added the clasps and ring at the end. All that’s left is to cut the longer piece right at the middle and the necklace is completed.


Hope you liked this DIY! Anyone here like SNSD as well?

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