My Favorite Makeup Removers

As someone that gradually started using makeup everyday, I learned that a good makeup remover comes in pretty handy. Here are 3 of my favorite makeup removers so far:

Innisfree Apple Juicy Cleansing Oil:



One of my favorite makeup remover so far is this Innisfree cleansing oil and if you didn’t know I’m a very big fan of Innisfree products (as shown in these post: here and here). It cleans off the majority of my makeup without drying out my face. On a normal day where I don’t have excessive eyeliner on, this makeup remover is all I really need. It’s very convenient especially if I come home late; I could just rinse this off like a face wash and I’ll be ready for the next step towards going to bed. The only thing that did bother me at first is the strong artificial apple smell which most likely came from the apple extract.

As a little example, I used a waterproof eyeliner and drew a line on the back of my hand. As you see, I just need to squirt the oil on and then rub it off. In the 3rd picture after I rub the cleansing on my hand, the liner is pretty much gone. I added some water, which then turns the oil into a cloudy white color, and rinse; the liner is completely removed.

Neutrogena Oil-Free Eye Makeup Remover

Of course if I have more stubborn eye makeup on, I prefer to use the Neutrogena Eye Makeup Remover. I tend to use this after the cleansing oil to remove any makeup that was left behind from the initial removal. It doesn’t exactly provide the quickest process when it comes to makeup removal but it does definitely removes more throughly. I particularly like that it doesn’t leave the skin oily and it doesn’t sting my eyes.


Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes

In addition to the two other makeup removers, I also like to use the makeup removing sheets. The Neutrogena one is the best one I tried so far. The sheets are really good for days when I only where BB cream and no eye makeup. When I first bought it, it came with a box so I could just purchase refills when I’m out and the box helps to retain the moisture in the cloths. There are ones that I tried that was particularly dry and there was not enough moisture to the cloths; I feel that the Neutrogena one has the right amount.

If I do wear a lot of eye makeup though, I would not use these sheets since I don’t want to tug at my eyes. I also had experiences when I used these to remove eyebrow makeup, I found a few eyebrow hairs falling out. So, I would only stick to using this as a way to remove bb cream or anything light since it’s very convenient and removes quickly.


Overall, my absolute favorite makeup remover so far is the Innisfree cleansing oil and I’ve had to use that a lot during this 3 day weekend. Which one is your favorite makeup remover?

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34 thoughts on “My Favorite Makeup Removers

  1. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the neutrogena makeup removers. Have you ever tried the Almay makeup remover? It’s also really good and inexpensive.

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  2. I use to LOVE the Clinique Eye Makeup remover but I never have enough time to where I can stop by an ULTA or Sephora every month. I also love the Neutrogena eye makeup remover in place of that. I’ve also been using the Walmart brand of the purple Pond’s makeup removing wipes and I have to say, they are moist and pretty effective!

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  3. Hey Vicky,
    I realized you are a big innisfree fan, same here!!!!
    I have super dry skin and it took me a while to find the right brand, innisfree particularly save my skin from cracks(it happens when i go traveling in cold and dry countries), and have the enough richness to moisturize my skin, not too much, not too little. I used the Apple Juice Cleansing oil as well, for eye and lip, next time you can give it a try their Apple Juice Eye&Lip Remover, it’s very nice as well 😀

    x Tiff

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