Stella McCartney’s Pearl Necklace DIY Attempt

This week, I attempted to DIY a version of Stella McCartney’s fall 2015 Pearl Necklace. If you haven’t seen it before, it’s one of McCartney’s creations for the Fall 2015 collection shown during the Paris Fashion Week.

I didn’t have large white pearls so I used smaller beads with some 26 gauge wire. I cut off a desired length of wire before I started to thread in the beads. I believe McCartney’s necklace shown in the picture above is 2 necklaces but I decided to only create one long necklace and wrap it around to make that same effect.

IMG_6982_副本 IMG_6985_副本

After I have all the pearls/beads on the wire, I made a small loop at the end so I could put in the hook and jump ring.

IMG_6988_副本 IMG_6990_副本

This is a rather easy but time consuming (due to the beads) project. Once I finished, I could shape the necklace to however I liked. I tried my best to recreate that same shape but it came out a little different due to the size of the beads. When I find the right pearls, I’ll revisit this again.

IMG_7001_副本 IMG_7019_副本

But hopefully one day I could afford to purchase a real Stella McCartney piece.

Happy crafting!

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