Taking Your Own Outfit Photos – DIY/Hack

Weekends are for experimenting… I’ve always admired fashion bloggers but unfortunately I don’t have anyone to take outfit pictures for me. This Saturday I tried taking some of my own using a tripod and my iPhone.



I’m sure a lot of people have a selfie stick and I’m one of those people. I detached the top part where it holds the iPhone and attached it to top of a tripod that I found lying around the house. All I had to do at this point was place my iPhone in and I could start taking pictures.


Having to run back and forth to the camera is a bit hectic. So, I purchased this bluetooth remote control shutter on amazon a few weeks ago. It has a simple design that lets me control the shutter on my iPhone camera with just a click of a button and it only cost around $3. It’s also small enough that I could hide easily when I’m taking photos. 

So, now that I have my setup ready, I just need to pick an outfit. I found this black dress in my closet which I believe I only worn once and paired it with my favorite sandals. This is actually a brand-less dress that I bought at a local shop. I really like the crisscross details in the middle of the dress where you could then tie in the back or the front.  The weather this weekend in Los Angeles made it a perfect dress to wear out.



IMG_6930_副本 IMG_6936_副本

Haha and let’s not leave out the selfie!


Hope you had a great weekend and stay hydrated!

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25 thoughts on “Taking Your Own Outfit Photos – DIY/Hack

  1. Vicky, first of all, you are so pretty 🙂
    and I used to taking photo alone with my tripod and camera, but when I moved out to another country I need to leave my tripod 😦
    Gotta buy a new one.

    And btw I also have that bluetooth remoteeeee 😀 Very helpful!

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