Fall Inspired Suede Bracelet DIY

The weather here in South California is super hot so it doesn’t feel like the fall season is just around the corner. But I’ve been seeing a lot of fall fashion and accessories surfacing everywhere.

I always thought brown toned Suede and leather really match the fall season. Since I don’t have leather and only have suede cords, I played around with it a bit after I made my macbook sleeve. This is my first attempt at making a Suede bracelet and it turned out ok. But I’ll keep experimenting and will post again once I get a better design.


So for this bracelet I started with 4 pieces of 2 different colored suede cords, which I just wrapped it around my wrist and cut it a little bigger than the wrist.


I took 2 different colored cords and looped it as shown on the left picture and then placed a small object there to hold it in place. Then I took the 2 remaining cords and placed though the hole that the loop created as shown on the right and placed an object on the end to hold it in place.


I took the loose end of the 2 pieces that went through the loop and created a loop. The loose end will then go under and through the previous loop, over the secured end (shown on the left), and then under the loop (sorry I forgot to take a picture). Then, I would take the ends on the lower left hand corner and the upper right hand corner and pull them up and over the loop to secure the loop in a criss cross fashion.


After I pulled it tightly together, I started working on the ends. I cut off two more smaller pieces of cord and used it to wrap around the ends of the bracelet. I hand sewed the suede cords together so that it will stay in place. I cut off three pieces off of the end where it was wrapped and left the longest piece to sew a loop.


On the other end of the bracelet, I wrapped the ends with the small piece of cord and cut off any excess. Now the bracelet is complete and ready to be worn.


I always feel like suede bracelets especially in this brown color is perfect for autumn. It’ll go great as a boho-chic-feel kind of brown or burgundy outfit. Haha that was a mouthful and with trendy booties. Guess it’s time to start shopping for the fall.


Are you ready for the fall season?

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