DIY: Spiral Wire Earrings

I’m back to making earrings again. This time I’ve experimented with somewhat thicker wires than what I’m accustomed to but the results came out a lot better than I expected.


How I made these earrings: I cut off about 3 inches of 20 gauge wire and wrapped it around a pencil. After I removed it from the pencil, I stretched it until it was a spiral shape. I placed a bead at the ends and made sure to bend the wire downwards. The wire at the ends need to be shaped into a small circle to prevent the bead from falling. The top of the wire needs to bent inwards, then place the earring in, and it needs to be closed so the earrings don’t come off.

This actually came out a lot better than I expected but the wiring was really hard to manage compared the others I used before. My fingers were not enough for this project so I bought some tools from a local Michaels to use to bend the ends of this wire. P.S. it really hurts to use bare hands instead of tools haha

Have a lovely week and hope you liked my DIY earrings!

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