Victoria’s Secret Inspired iPhone Case

It’s 100 degrees in L.A. this weekend; I spent the weekend just staying indoors. Having spent so much time in my room and on my bed this weekend, I was inspired by the triangle pattern of my Victoria’s Secret bedsheets. I really like the simple pattern of the sheets and decided to use a similar pattern on a clear iPhone case.


Materials used:

  • Clear/transparent iPhone case
  • A strip of blue contact paper
  • Ruler, Pencil, and Scissors

This is a super quick DIY: I drew lots of triangles on the back of the blue strip and began cutting it out. Once I have the triangles, I arranged them on the iPhone case. When I got a pattern I liked, I peeled off the backing and stuck it on the case. 

This hot weather makes me very lazy to do anything so the DIY projects this week are very simple and quick.

Stay cool everyone!

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