From Instagram to Wallpaper

So if you’re like me and get bored of your wallpapers easily, you could give this little hack a try. I do all my edits for my phone wallpaper on the iPhone. I’m on Instagram very frequently and I love scrolling through quotes; the inspirational ones that match my situation/mood that week often become my new wallpaper.


1. I start with a screen shot straight from Instagram. The one I used is from @guisy_na88. I like choosing ones with white/black backgrounds so it’s easier to work with.

2. Then I crop it straight on the iPhone. No apps needed; under edit, I’m able to crop it.

3. After cropping it out of the Instagram screenshot, it should be in a square.

4.If I view the square picture on the iPhone, there should be white that filled the space. I would screenshot this

5. On this new screenshot, I zoom in until there’s very little black space or until I like the size of the quote and screenshot again. It should look like the picture on the left.

6. With the last screenshot, I would filter it until I like the color scheme. You could filter it using just the iPhone but I prefer to use MeiTuPic for more filtering choices

7. All that’s left is to set the filtered picture as my wallpaper

Hope you liked my little post. Check out my Instagram too if you get the chance!

As my motto of the week suggest, let’s “Live more, worry less”. Happy almost weekend everyone!

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