Weekend Experiment – Wire Wrap Rings & OOTD

This past weekend has been a full on experimenting time for me. I’ve been experimenting with making wire wrap rings and trying to take outfit pictures.

For the DIY part of my weekend, I used 26 gauge wire that I had used for the making wire flowers and tried to make a wire wrapped ring. I wrapped it around a tube a few times and taped it down. With the two loose ends I placed beads through them and experimented with a design. Once I had the beads where I wanted, I removed the tape so I could wrap the ends to the “ring” part of the wire and cut off the excess. I played around with a lot of other beads but I haven’t really gotten a design I’m satisfied with. I’ll post again once I could get a happy result though.


Other than DIY, I wanted to explore creating outfit posts. From one of my shopping sprees, I got a Forever21 crop top and a pair of denim shorts; it was a perfect combo for the hot California weather. The top also featured lace details on the sleeves which I really love. I was ready to head out after pairing it with my favorite Kate Spade bag and a pair of sandals. This is my first time taking my own outfit pictures so I only got 2 decent pictures haha.

IMG_6517_副本 IMG_6522_副本

If you have any recommendations for wire wrap ring making or outfit posts, please let me know in the comments below.

Hope you had a great weekend!

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