DineLA: Faith & Flower

If you were in LA, you might’ve known it was dineLA restaurant week. It was a 2 week event that featured various dining locations in the Los Angeles county and it takes place a few times a year. The last dineLA was from July 13-26. I went to a few of the dineLA restaurants during those 2 weeks. But the one I want to share today is Faith & Flower which is located right on 9th street in downtown LA.

IMG_6283_副本 IMG_6284_副本 IMG_6285_副本

The interior was quite modern and chic but nothing that really popped at me. I do quite like the atmosphere even though it was rather packed that day. I wish I could’ve taken a few more pictures but there was too many people.



Deviled Jidori Eggs
Calamari Ceared on the Plancha
Braised Bacon
Philly Beefcake Pizza

The dishes were not super fancy; it was simple but with a unique twist. My favorite dish was the Calamari Ceared on the Plancha; it’s a sourdough toast paired with calamari and it was surprisingly really good. Other dishes I got during my visit included Deviled Jidori Eggs, Braised Bacon, and Philly Beefcake Pizza. For the sweets, there was only one choice—Hazelnut & Chocolate. As a part of the dineLA menu, brunch/lunch was $25 a person so it was not too expensive to splurge on. Overall, I had a pretty good experience and would be visiting again if possible.

Hazelnut & Chocolat

I’ll be sharing a few more places I visited during dineLA in the next few weeks. Do you have any places in LA that you would recommend? Let me know in the comments please~ Have a great weekend!

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