DIY: Clothing Labels to Tassel Bookmarks

It’s tassel DIY week for me! I had a few leftover “tassels” that I made from my last post which sparked this idea to reuse clothing tags as bookmarks.

Tassel Bookmark steps

I’ve collected quite a few clothing tags especially from Forever21 (lots of shopping haha). I kept the sturdier ones with the string still attached so that the string will make it easier to retrieve my page.

To cover the brand’s name, I cut white contact paper into a desired shape and checked if it will fit. Since it’s completely white, I colored it with a silver marker and then pasted it on the tag.

With the tassels, which I initially made as experiment for my previous post, I glued them onto the “uglier” side. Now, I could decorate on the other side of my bookmark. 


I made another one as well in which I used different colored thread to make the tassels of  varying length and covered the logo with a cut out arrow.

They somewhat look like little rockets to me as well so it’s time to fly into some books!

Hope you liked this post! Thanks for reading.

—Vicky T.

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