DIY Tassel Earrings

I went shopping again this weekend and saw a lot clothes and accessories with tassels. There were quite a few tassel earrings that I saw especially at Forever 21. After a small incident, I never wore Forever21 earrings again. It doesn’t look too difficult to make so I tried to make my own DIY tassel earrings.

What I used for this DIY:

Black thread


2 Ball post earrings

2 jump rings



I first started threading the needle with a long piece of black thread and left the ends un-knotted.   Fold in half and then half again until the desired length.

Then, I hooped in the jump ring and cut out the needle. I put another thread through the needle and ended it with a knot. I proceeded to loop it around the top near the jump ring and tied it with a dead knot.

Now I just need to cut off the ends and attach it to the earrings. Repeat and I have a pair of tassel earrings.

Hope you liked it! Thanks for reading.

— Vicky T.

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