Braided Bun Ponytail for the Summer

It’s an oven in California. My everyday hairstyle eventually reverts to a boring ponytail. I started to experiment with other styles that are compatible with this heat.

So, here’s how I try to style my ponytail a little different.


I start with mid day curled hair. Then tied up half of the hair and began to loosely braid the half ponytail. When I reach the end, I hold onto the 3 separated sections that make up the braid; with one of the sections of the braid in one hand, I pull up the 2 other sections.


Then, I twisted the leftover section around the scrunched up part of the braid and pinned it down with a bobby pin. The braided bun is now complete and I could actually just leave it this way. But I chose to tie up the remaining hair into a low ponytail right under the bun.

Hope you like my new ponytail haha and stay cool!

—Vicky T.

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