Sheer Dress Inspirations and Sewing

Seen one of those sheer dresses lately?

Image from Elle

I have for sure! They are everywhere and in various different forms and styles. I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration from these sheer dresses. On my recent trip to Joann’s I bought a sheer and thin fabric and tried to create my own design of these sheer dresses. This is not a tutorial but I just wanted to update on my little sewing project and what I learned so far.

sheer0 sheer1

I first experimented with draping a dance tunic, which you could see in this post here. Then I proceeded with cutting out two large rectangular fabrics. With the right sides together, I sewed the 2 sides up until a few inches below the bust.

I wasn’t sure how to sew the boat neck so I just sewed a hem on both front and back. Then I sewed a 1 inch on the shoulders area where I wanted the “sleeves” to fall.

sheer3 sheer5 sheer6

I placed the partially completed dress on the dress form again to see how I liked it and the dress seems too long so I just pinned it up on one side for now and I tied an elastic to the waist just like in the book. I’m almost done but I’m still trying to decide if I want to cut it shorter or experiment with creating a unique skirt bottom and whether I should sew on the elastic or use a belt when worn.

sheer7 sheer8

Sewing with such a thin fabric is really difficult especially since I’m just a beginner. Whenever I mess up, I have to remove those stitches and it creates super visible holes. I have to be extra careful with this fabric. I’m glad I didn’t tear it though haha 🙂

It was such a long process but it’s so much fun trying to create my own dress. I’ll post another update once my creative juices start running again and I could complete this dress.

Thanks for reading and I would love to hear any sewing tips!

– Vicky T.   

6 thoughts on “Sheer Dress Inspirations and Sewing

  1. Beautiful! I like the fabric choice. The design in the fabric is so pretty. I hope it came out the way you wanted it to. Brave to work this this fabric. I’ve done a bit of work with sheer and it isn’t easy. My hats off to you! 🙂

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