Self Study Progress – Fashion Draping

This week I’ve been trying to learn how to drape a dress form. I’ve purchased a book which you could find here. The book is actually quite useful and after looking through it, I decided to try the dance tunic.


I didn’t follow the size for the fabric that was given since it looked like the book only draped half of the dress form. I used 2 rectangular fabrics and was successfully drape just like the book. It did come out a bit long but once I start sewing, I’ll adjust the lengths as well.


Sorry bad quality shot and please ignore my messy room!

This is a short post but I update again once I have some time to sew the pieces together. The other topic I’ve been trying out is illustration but more on that at a different time.

IMG_5977_meitu_8 IMG_5979_meitu_9

Thanks for reading!

—Vicky T.

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