DIY: Quilled Flower/Shooting Star Greeting Card

Hello! I didn’t post for a whole week! But after some online browsing, I was inspired by all the quilled creations I saw. I decided to give it a try and make a simple card.

Here’s how I made the card:


1. I began with a half sheet (letter size) white cardstock paper and folded it in half to create a card

2. Then I began to cut 1 cm strips of pink paper (1cm x 11in) and white paper (1cm x 8 1/2 in). I cut quite a lot but I didn’t end up using all of them.

3. I folded one pink strip into 2 “W”s and used another half a strip for 1 “W”.

4. If you place them together then it should have a “star” with 6 points

5. Bending/curling the strips will then create “petals”

6. Then I repeated 3-5 with 2 strips of white paper. This white paper then goes on the inner side of the flower. I secured the flower shape together with tape on the middle of the entire flower.


7. With a white strip, I made another “W” and curled another strip with a tooth pick into a circle (secure with tape/glue).

8. I proceeded to cut off about 2 1/4 in from the white strip and folded in half.

9. Color the edge of the white strips with a gold sharpie (or any color you like)

10. Tape the white strip from (8) in the “W” from (7). I also taped the middle of the inside of the strips so I could create a loop as shown in the picture.

11. Then with a quarter of the pink strips I curled the ends to create an “S” and repeated this to create 6 “S”

12. With the 6 “S”, I secured them into the white part of the flower.


13. Once the flower was completed, I glued the bottom of the flower onto the card from (1). With the strips from (10) I bended them into a slight c shape and glued them onto the card

Flowercardfinal3 FlowercardFinal2

And now, I’m ready to write in this card!

What do you think of my flower that also resembles a shooting star?

—Vicky T.

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