DIY: Kitten Post-It Notes

Hello, it’s almost time to return to work again after the July 4th weekend. Work always reminds me of lots of notes and post its so here’s a cute way that I found to leave post it notes. I learned how to make envelopes on another site a long time ago (please let me know if you have the link so I could give them credit for it) and after a while I started making small little envelopes using post it notes. But I gave them a little twist so it could look like a cat.


1. Stick the post it to a table top and fold it in half with the sticky side on one of the halves.

2. Fold it in half again

3. Fold it in half again

4. And again

5. Fold in the bottom corners where it’s not stuck on the table

6. Fold in the two sides

7. Fold in the top (this is the sticky part) until it reaches the folded corners and then unfold

8. Step 7 should have created a box shape on both sides (which I drew in on the picture). Then fold in the dashed parts on both sides to create a crease


9. The new creases makes it easier to tuck in the two sides.

10. Now you have an envelope if you fold down the top.

11. Now pop open the envelope, and gently push in the corners from the outside.

12. Gently fold down the top and tuck it into the middle section to close it up. Turn it around and fold the corners or you could leave it if you would like for the kitty to have a square face.

13. Now that there’s a defined shape, open/flatten it back to draw the face

14. Complete. If the corners are not folded it’ll be more squared as show on the right.

P.S. I like to make these at work when I’m super super bored and have a lot of Post it notes that I need to throw away. But this would be much cuter to leave as a note on someone’s desk haha


Or meow?

—Vicky T.

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