DIY: Box Shaped Pin Cushion

For the past week, I’ve been learning how to drape a dress form (a little bit each night since I work full time). Not having a pin cushion was very inconvenient so I decided to craft one myself through repurposing cosmetic packaging and left over fabrics.

I started off with a box that was used to package my Shiseido skin care bottles. Making use of the already made layout, I laid it flat on the table and cut off the top until I had the desired size. Then, I grabbed some white contact paper and wrapped around it.



I decorated the box with some craft tape and then it was ready to be stuffed with some left over fabrics and felts. Once it was “firm”, I placed a small piece of fabric over the scraps and it was ready to be used.

pin3 pin4

pin5 pin6

On a side note, here’s what I’ve made so far; I followed a draping book I bought and it was rather simple to recreate. Hopefully, this weekend I’ll be able to work on other ones as well and put this pin cushion to use. 


Hope everyone has a great 4th of July Weekend.

—Vicky T.

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