Lace Details and Styles

I have been wearing this white lace shirt quite a lot lately. It’s also the shirt I’m wearing in the avatar on the right. It’s one of my favorite shirts because of the lace details and it’s very easy to style with.

I could wear this to work with black pants, a cardigan, and flats. (Note: Sorry, the flats are so over worn that they look very dirty)


White Jersey Top with Lace — H&M

Celebrity Pink Jeans in Black — Macy’s

Heather Gray Cardigan — Forever 21

Navy Blue Ballet Flats — H&M

—– —– —–

After work if I have a dinner to attend, then I could just change out the black pants, for a skirt, and earrings. I really love the lace detailing in clothes so this is completely a lacy dinner outfit.


White Lace Skirt — Unknown (I don’t know the brand of this skirt lol)

Pearl Earrings — Tiffany and Co

—– —– —–

On the weekends, this shirt could be styled with jeans, and sandals. The pattern and color of these jeans makes for a edgier look so I needed a unique accessory—a giant watch.


Skinny Jeans — H&M (I can’t find the link for these) 

White Watch — Diesel

White Sandals — Shellys London

—– —– —–

And of course, I style this shirt a lot times with the earrings I created, which you could find in the previous posts.


Triangular earrings

Pom Pom shaped Fabric Earrings

Teardrop Earrings

—– —– —–

I hope I don’t look like I’m always wearing this shirt haha… Really, I have other shirts.

—Vicky T.

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