Last Minute Father’s Day Card DIY

This is very last minute but if you’re like me, whose family doesn’t usually have a tradition of giving gifts on Father’s day, you could just simply make a card. I’m going to stick with a very original Father’s day theme, which is shirts and ties.

What I used:

-1/2 of a letter size card stock paper

-2 short pieces of ribbon (approximately one 10 and one 4 inches)

-Double side tape


-Markers (for writing the message in the card)


I started off with marking the middle of my 1/2 piece of card stock paper and folding in the sides and then fold down the corners so it looks like shirt collars.

card2 card3

Next I tied a knot on the longer piece of ribbon and adjusted the knot until it was a upside down triangle shape. I tried to make sure that the bottom was longer.


Then, turn it around and tape down the edge into a pointed triangle shape.


I took the knotted ribbon and taped it down to one side of the card so it could still be opened. Tape the top part of the ribbon under the “collar”


Then, I folded the shorter piece in half (the long way!) and taped it down under the other collar. I proceeded to cut off any excess ribbons and taped down the top corner of the collar so it would stay down.


Now, I could write my message. (Sorry no pictures on this, it’s personal lol)


Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there!

—Vicky T.

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