DIY: White Floral Bridal Hair Comb

Sooooooo with all the weddings around the corner, I’ve been super inspired by the wedding hair accessories that the brides wear. They look simple enough to make so I gave it a try. Check it out below…

What I used:

-Floral Sprays

-Floral Accents (Flowers)

-White Felt

-Bridal Hair Comb

-Thread and Needle, and Hot Glue Gun


comb1 comb2

I first started with separating the flowers so I could use just one individual flower. Then I cut 2 pieces of felt into a small shape to match the top of the hair comb.

comb3 comb4

Next, I twisted the stem into a circular loop and proceed to sew this onto the felt (you could also glue this. I prefer to sew it so if I didn’t like how it looked, I could just cut it off. Lots of hand sewing in this project!) I did the same with the leaves and attached it to the felt.

comb5 comb6


I proceeded to the floral spray and played around with it until I knew how I wanted the shape to be and then sew this as well. Once I was finished with securing it onto the felt, I sewed the 2nd piece of felt onto the back.

comb8 comb9

Now it’s ready to be attached to the comb. I chose to hot glue the felt onto the comb. Since this hair comb is flat and there is a nice design on the top, I glued the piece to the back of the comb.


And I’m done! It’s a bit uneven but it’ll look just fine on the head. I’m nowhere near getting married so this hair piece will just have to wait until I have something fancy to put on.


Dun dun dundun… LOL

—Vicky T.

have to wait until I have something fancy to put on.

Dun dun dundun… LOL

—Vicky T.

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