Collecting Coffee Art

After graduating and entering the work field, I came to really need coffee. Visits to coffee houses became more frequent and coffee art is something I look forward to on every visit. These past 2 years or so, I “collected” plenty of coffee art photos…

I got quite a few animal coffee arts especially from Bleu House and Macchiato, which are under the same management.

Bleu House5_副本
Pig and Bear Latte from the Bleu House

Bleu House4_副本

Bleu House3_副本
Paw and Bear Lattes from the Bleu House
Bleu House2_副本
Bear Coffee art from the Bleu House

Bleu House_副本

Chubby Cheek Cafe_副本
Another bear latte but from Chubby Cheek Cafe. Super cute!
Piggy from Macchiato

The other coffee houses featured just swirls or hearts.

Blue Jam_副本
Blu Jam
Cafe Bene_副本
Lots of swirls at Caffe Bene
Chocxo Chocolate_副本
A small distorted heart at Chocxo Coffee & Cacao
Cafe Bene2_副本
A circle (?) at Caffe Bene
De Cafe Baristas_副本
A pretty heart at De Cafe Baristas
Circular swirls at Ganache
hide out1_副本
Hearts at Hide Out
Hide out3_副本
And more hearts at Hide Out
Lots of fancy swirls at I-Sweet
hide out2_副本
Hearts at Hide Out
Hide Out4_副本
Hide Out
Not coffee art but a dessert. Tiramisu latte at Macchiato
Night Owl Cafe_副本
Little swirls at Night Owl Cafe
Taza Coffee House_副本
at Taza Coffee House
the Gypsy Den_副本
Not really coffee art but it looks like a tomato! (the Gypsy Den)

This one in particular from Plaisir D’amour was the most unique one. It uses cotton candy to act as a cloud for the latte!

Plaisir D'amour Cafe_副本
Cloudy Day Cotton Candy and Latte at Plaisir D’amour. Super creative!

Looking forward to more coffee art on my next visits!

—Vicky T.

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