Simple Bird Wall Decal


I’ve been on a change up my wall type of mood haha. I love those wall decals that I see online but they could be pretty pricey and could be  little excessive for my already cluttered walls. So, again with the left over contact paper, I set out to create my own small and simple wall decal.

What I used:

-White Contact Paper



-Image of a bird

Time to Begin!

bird decal

First, I looked for a image I liked. Then cut out a small piece of contact paper. You could print out the image and trace it but I decided to just trace it straight from the computer (trace super lightly to not scratch the screen!)

I made some adjustments so it’s easier to cut, and then CUT CUT CUT.

Once I have the bird cut out, I placed it on the desired spot on my wall. I traced a few different birds as well and placed them around my room.

wall decal final2_副本


The bird came out to be a little smaller than the roses on my board but it doesn’t look so bad heheh

What do you think?

—Vicky T.

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