Sharpie Painted Lace Phone Case

lace 6

Recently, I bought a pack of oil based paint Sharpie and decided I could draw my own “lace” phone case. The case didn’t really look like lace but I liked how it turned out so I’m sharing it here.

What I Used:

– Sharpie (Oil Based Paint) in silver

– Clear Phone Case

– Matte Clear Contact Paper

lace 1

Time to begin:

1. I started with tracing the shape of my phone case onto the contact paper and then cut it out.

lace 2

2. Then I printed out a design I liked and trace trace trace.

lace 3

lace 4

lace 5

3. After it dried, I stuck the contact paper on top. This is optional but I wanted to prevent the design from being scratched off.

It was rather a simple process to make this phone case. Now my phone has new clothes to change into, LOL!

Did you change your phone’s clothes yet?

—Vicky T.

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